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About Twin Cities Luxury Living

"The Next Generation of Luxury Home Marketing in the Twin Cities."

Twin Cities Luxury Living (TCLL) is founded on the principle of redefining the standards of luxury real estate & celebrating along the way. TCLL is the Next Generation of Luxury Home Marketing focused on providing a unique and ultimate experience based on customization. Everything we do is based on customizing an approach based on your needs and where you want to be. Your journey is unique and your home is one-of-a-kind, and so is our approach. The luxury bracket is a far more difficult and demanding sale. The days of simply taking nice pictures and uploading a price to MLS are over. That is why we believe passionately in creating unique, custom experiences that sell your home for far beyond a dollar amount.

This approach is founded on the personal experiences of Co-Founders Jake Kuiper and Erik Sward. Jake and Erik have spent the last decade in medical sales, working with some of the most innovative and successful companies in the world. Their Fortune 100 corporate experience is demonstrated in their belief in that old ways don’t’ open new doors. Their approach merges the real estate models of each coast, blending the East Coast Boutique and West Coast Lifestyle approach to bring a perfect balance to the Twin Cities. TCLL creates experiences that showcase all the lifestyle your home can offer. From targeted social media campaigns to exquisite events designed to bring buyers into your property. That’s why TCLL is quickly capturing the attention of homeowners all across the Twin Cities.